Uh oh, you found the secret stash

We are live in BETA mode . If you want snooping in current projects ...


We are a ...

Social design studio, not other design studio.

For us, producing social impact on our projects is key of projects. We are interested in collaborating on projects and clients who share our interest in people and their lives and how we can help achieve this objectives.

We love our job, we love people and we are looking forward to make their lifes easier.

And that's it, it's all over...


Hackity are:


  • Popih Sandoval – Business thinker
  • Eusebio Reyero – UX Researcher
  • Maria Isla – Marketing, PR & Communications
  • Manu Rodriguez – Data scientist lover

Do you want join to us?:

Also we have a network of partners to help us in the different phases of the projects.If you are interested in working with us please let us know in hola[AT]letshackity.com. Thanks!